MedPack App simplifies, improves surgical pack management

New innovative digital tool gives clinicians unparalleled control over surgical pack content inventory

By Medline Newsroom Staff | September 27, 2021

Custom surgical packs are critical to efficiently delivering surgical supplies to the operating room. However, tracking supplies throughout the supply chain is a difficult task, especially for Ambulatory Surgery Centers (ASCs) that work with lean inventories and smaller staffs. The complexity of having to manually order items, maintain inventory of critical items, and manage storage makes the job even more challenging.

Developed in-house by Medline, the MedPack App allows partners to easily access the MedPack™ digital pack management system on the go, by phone, tablet, or computer. Using a proprietary algorithm to match searchers with relevant results, the app enables customers to customize and manage medical pack inventory in real-time. The MedPack App empowers users in four core ways:

  • Search and Scan. The app allows users to easily search and access information on any component either through a cleansed global search or by scanning the barcode of any single sterile item or Medline pack.
  • Through the app, users can report pack quality incidents to Medline by scanning the barcode and sending a picture.
  • Users can quickly create, approve and send quotes directly to their Medline rep for review while providing updates on when changes will arrive via Pack Tracking.
  • My Packs: The app also provides visibility into the partner’s whole pack program anytime, including bills of material, component photos and descriptions, and current pack pricing.

“We are proud to continue Medline’s decades-long history of digital innovation, by being one of the first suppliers to offer an app that assists healthcare organizations in managing their medical pack supply chain,” says Katie LaMarca, marketing manager, Sterile Procedure Tray at Medline.“Since releasing earlier this year, we have continued to expand the functionality of the MedPack App, most recently through the addition of push notifications, and believe continued advances will provide our partners with even greater operational efficiency.”

Working with clinical and utilization experts, Medline partners can understand the needs of their specific specialties and identify gaps or redundancies to uncover alternative components that provide cost savings while maintaining high quality. With over 35,000 sourced components and 14 million square feet of warehousing space, Medline is vertically integrated to provide end-to-end support for almost anything a surgical team may need.

To learn more about how the Medline’s MedPack App helps healthcare facilities with custom pack management tailored to your unique needs, please visit: MedPack App.

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