Carbondale, Illinois surgery center serves regional surgical needs

Physicians' Surgery Center improves operational efficiency through partnership with Medline and Hybrent

By Medline Newsroom Staff | December 16, 2021

Located in Carbondale, Illinois, the Physicians’ Surgery Center (PSC) serves the ophthalmology, gastroenterology, urology, pain management, and the general surgical needs of the southern Illinois region.

When Rick Miller, materials and purchasing manager, started at the PSC, ordering supplies required a half-day of work as there was no online or central ordering system in place.

“The process when I came on was a half-day of work just ordering products because we needed to call each vendor and place our orders per each item,” said Miller. “All of our ordering was done via the phone or email which was time-consuming to manage. When we needed to troubleshoot issues the process became unmanageable.”

When PSC transitioned to Medline, they were introduced to Hybrent, an easy-to-use purchasing, inventory management, and invoicing software platform that integrates seamlessly with most accounting and clinical applications. Once PSC implemented the Hybrent system, they were able to reduce the time spent ordering products to just one hour per day. Hybrent also enabled PSC to manage their procurement process from their mobile devices, including phones or tablets.

“The ability to scan barcodes for the items we want to order and to be able to mark them received from our mobile devices streamlined our inventory management and created additional efficiencies,” Miller continued. “Importing is also simplified using Hybrent as we can use the systems’ import tool to upload items to orders, and our system is integrated with our accounting system so we can easily manage our vendor payments.”

Medline Custom Surgical Packs

Medline custom surgical packs help surgery centers to better manage costs while improving patient care by combining everything needed for a surgery into one convenient package. Tailored to the unique needs of your surgical center, Medline’s custom surgical packs help clinicians save time by reducing the need to pull individual items while making sure that everything you need for your surgery is right there with the correct, sterilized components.

“Medline’s packs are a lifesaver, they come with anything we need, whether manufactured by Medline or any manufacturer we typically use,” said Miller. “Our results have been great and the custom packs have helped a lot. We have a pain injection doctor that comes here a couple of times a week and we have a custom pack just for him. We also have Foley packs, a head and neck pack, and a cataract pack. Every pack that we have is pretty much custom and serves a specific need.”

Medline’s team actively partners with surgery centers to better understand their specific needs so new opportunities for greater efficiency can be uncovered. Offering a wide variety of components, Medline’s surgical packs can be customized to fit the specific needs of your surgical center while maintaining the same quality standards your team expects.

Learn more about how Medline is helping surgical centers improve operations and better manage costs.

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