3 Ways to Elevate LabsSupply Chain

3 Ways to Elevate Labs

By Medline Newsroom Staff | April 16, 2019

Labs often occupy the most out-of-the-way corners of a hospital or physician’s office. Perhaps due to this physical separation, many labs haven’t had visibility to the supply chain efficiencies implemented by the other departments within a hospital or health system. However, the healthcare market is changing rapidly and it is time for the lab to be considered right alongside the rest of the continuum of care. Here are 3 strategies to elevate labs to the next level:

Take advantage of market shifts
For decades, laboratories had scant options when it came to purchasing.  Without adequate competition in the marketplace, customer service and price transparency suffered. After Medline’s historic agreement with Premier, the market has evolved. “Everyone involved has had to step up their game and focus on the needs of the end customer,” says Diana LeFebvre, Lab & Diagnostics division president, Medline. CFOs and Purchasing Managers need to embrace this changing landscape and utilize it to integrate lab purchasing into the rest of the system.

Demand better service
Over the years, many labs have grown used to sub-par service from their vendor partner. With these new market shifts, however, labs can demand what they have always deserved: designated specialist support, robust data analytics tools, and supply chain support tailored to their specific needs.

Drive efficiencies and savings across the system
Recent advances in pricing transparency mean administrators are gaining greater insight into how to address costs in their labs. This increased visibility can translate to significant savings, especially when paired with existing rebate agreements across their system.

To learn more about how Medline can meet laboratories’ evolving distribution needs, visit: https://www.medline.com/pages/supply-chain/lab-distribution-solutions/.

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