How Bias Can Push Leaders Away from Simplicity

By Martie Moore, RN, MAOM, CPHQ | April 9, 2019

Martie Moore, chief nursing officer at Medline, examines how complexity bias, the belief that complex solutions are better than simple ones, often flourishes within healthcare innovation. Learn how Moore and other leaders are pushing back against such biases in order to promote radically simpler solutions to patient safety challenges.

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Martie Moore, RN, MAOM, CPHQ

Chief Nursing Officer

Martie L. Moore, RN, MAOM, CPHQ, is the chief nursing officer at Medline. As CNO, Moore develops forward-thinking, solution-driven clinical programs, as well as new products and educational services. Prior to joining Medline, Martie was the chief nursing officer at Providence St. Vincent Medical Center in Portland, Ore. Under her leadership, Providence St. Vincent earned a third and fourth designation for Magnet.

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