Medline to Build First Mississippi Distribution Center

By Medline Newsroom Staff | August 8, 2019

The State of Mississippi and Medline today announced a new, larger Medline Mid-South distribution center to be built in Southaven, Mississippi that will enable the company to serve the region’s growing healthcare needs and provide 450 local jobs.

The announcement comes as healthcare in the region continues to grow rapidly, and the new distribution center will enable Medline to expand its warehousing needs as medical supply and product demands increase from local healthcare providers.

“We have a critical role in healthcare that ensures healthcare providers have the supplies they need where they need them for each and every patient,” says Dmitry Dukhan, vice president of Real Estate Operations for Medline. “We’ve got a great workforce here already, and we this new location is ideal for a distribution hub for nearby hospitals, nursing homes, physician offices, surgical centers as well as for other our distribution centers.”

Hospitals and health systems are increasingly looking to standardize purchasing and lower inventory cost in order to generate savings that can be directed towards patient care. Even as supply chain leaders working for these systems develop more sophisticated forecasting tools, carrying lower inventory comes with the risk that if an unforeseen need pops up, the necessary medical equipment won’t be on hand. That’s why Medline has invested in increasing the size and utility of its distribution centers, and the new Southaven location will provide more than 45 million cubic feet.

Currently, Medline has 42 distribution centers across the country.

In addition to its prime location, Medline chose Southaven for its quality workforce, high quality of life and strong local commitment to emphasizing and supporting healthcare in the state and beyond.

“We are grateful to all of the people and officials in Southaven, the county of DeSoto and the State of Mississippi, who have recognized the potential of this project for both local residents and healthcare throughout the region,“ says Dukhan. “We have strong connections to the entire continuum of healthcare providers in the greater mid-south region, as well as an outstanding group of team members. This new location will allow us to construct a 45 million-cubic foot medical-grade supercenter to serve the regional market.”

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