Medline launches Post-Acute Care Infection Prevention Program

Consultative approach combines products and education to enhance best practices around environmental cleaning, hand hygiene and PPE use

By Medline Newsroom Staff | October 21, 2021

Medline today announced the launch of a new consultative program aimed at helping post-acute providers assess infection control needs and create a customized program around hand hygiene, personal protective equipment use and environmental cleaning and disinfecting.

Infection prevention has been the center of focus for post-acute providers during the pandemic, but has certainly been a hot topic since the 2016 CMS mandate for an infection prevention position within facilities. Years later, industry studies show that providers still feel in the dark on training protocols. A 2018 study seeking to establish baseline knowledge about nursing home infection preventionists found that just 39% had received “specialized training” and less than 3% of those held any infection prevention certification.

The Medline Post-Acute Care Infection Prevention Program takes a consultative approach that starts with a brief eight question discovery assessment to obtain insights into the infection challenges impacting the care provider. From there, Medline will work with the customer to create a customized program consisting of best practice guidance, educational resources and high quality products to improve operational and clinical outcomes.

“Infection prevention is not one size fits all. By taking the time to listen to our customers and understand their greatest areas for change, we can deliver a tailored approach that helps them implement essential elements needed to drive consistent practice and sustainable change,” said Brad Mariam, senior vice president, Medline Post-Acute Care division.

Medline recently spoke with David Gifford, senior vice president of quality and regulatory affairs for the American Health Care Association about empowering staff to make infection prevention a priority. Watch the video for his quick tips.

Visit the Medline Post-Acute Care Infection Prevention Program assessment page at

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