Pathogens and the Role of Environmental Services

By Medline Newsroom Staff | February 16, 2018

Last winter, as the sporting world descended on South Korea, a norovirus outbreak struck dozens of workers and led to the quarantine of more than a thousand other staffers. Health officials at the global event were left scrambling to test anyone who may have been exposed to the highly infectious disease.

Preventing the spread of infections, like the norovirus, in close quarters is a challenge healthcare workers work to prepare for every day. Having a systematic cleaning regimen in place, paired with the right supplies, can help.

“We partner with a customer to identify the risks in their facility. We look at their product line up – which products are best in class, where there is room for improvement and we lay that out in front of the environmental service professional as well as an infection control professional and try to right size that,” said Medline Vice President, Steve McNabb. “We build in the right tools and procedures for them to be successful. And then we come back on multiple periods after we implement to ensure things are moving correctly.”

In addition to a systematic process, product solutions in infection prevention continue to evolve. Even basic cleaning clothes have seen an upgrade in material from cotton to microfibers, removing significantly more soils and microbes.

Between the process and products, environmental services teams are better suited to stay in front of the spread of disease, so care givers can focus on caring for their patients.

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