Medline’s Operations Remain Steady as Hurricane Michael Beats Down Panhandle

By Medline Newsroom Staff | October 14, 2018

Hurricane Michael is the third most powerful hurricane to hit the U.S. mainland. The Category 4 hurricane brought winds of 155 miles per hour. Hundreds of thousands were without power. Even hospitals felt its wrath.

Throughout the year, Medline’s operations teams are prepared to handle storms of any size, even as big as Hurricane Michael. Through extensive planning and strong logistics capabilities, Medline branches in Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Virginia and North Carolina stayed open and were fully operational. The distribution centers even planned for extra staffing for weekend coverage to accommodate customers’ needs. As part of post-hurricane activities, Medline anticipates and plans for increased deliveries to customers.

“It’s difficult to see the destruction Hurricane Michael caused, but hospitals, senior living facilities and all medical professionals always step up to the plate to make sure patients are treated with quality care when disasters strike. Medline works hard to support our healthcare partners so they don’t miss a beat during trying times,” says Larry Corrigan, senior vice president of operations, Medline.

Medline has more than 900 employees who live and work in the areas impacted by Hurricane Michael. Their safety is always of the utmost importance, and deliveries are dependent on whether drivers are impacted by road conditions. As part of its Emergency Action Plan (EAP), Medline always ensures ahead of any serious storm that company and employee vehicles are fueled, that boxed meals are created for staff and that emergency lodging is available. Medline is also prepared with back-up communications and power.

In 2017 during Hurricane Harvey, Medline initiated its EAP to manage the safety and integrity of its customers and employees in South Texas.

Learn more about Medline’s supply chain logistics and expertise, and how the proper strategy can help you weather through any storm.

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