Hybrid event brings together more than 200 clinicians to vet healthcare products, solutions

Hybrid event brings together more than 200 clinicians to vet healthcare products, solutions

By Medline Newsroom Staff | September 21, 2023

Supply Chain

Hybrid event brings together more than 200 clinicians to vet healthcare products, solutions

Innovative, collaborative approach with Advantus Health Partners helps improve efficiencies, standardize care

Virtual product fair

With ongoing staff shortages and rising costs, hospitals and health systems are looking for ways to do more with less. Product changes, standardization and fewer suppliers can help enhance efficiencies, reduce costs, and ultimately, improve care. The challenge is getting busy clinicians together to test and discuss new product offerings.

Advantus Health Partners, a supply chain solutions company that also has a group purchasing organization, had planned to send 45 clinicians from one of their large hospital systems to Medline headquarters in September for an in-person product fair—a standard opportunity to see, touch and learn more about the company’s various offerings. However, staffing, time and cost constraints made the visit impossible.

Pivoting to a hybrid event

Instead, Advantus Health Partners and Medline quickly pivoted, creating a two-day hybrid product fair showcasing 150 supplies to more than 200 clinicians across 11 locations. The products, representing 11 perioperative and general medicine categories—from surgical instruments and accessories to urological, central venous and orthopedic goods—were sent in advance to participating clinicians. To execute the hybrid event, Advantus Health Partners secured a large conference room where Medline subject matter experts conducted live demonstrations and discussed the various products and capabilities. Simultaneously, the product demonstrations were livestreamed so clinicians across the 48-hospital system could engage as well as see and test the physical product samples.

“Reducing variability in product selection improves patient care.”

China Krupin, RN

Director of Clinical Transformation
Advantus Health Partners

“We looked at the products we’re using today and then the proposed products,” said China Krupin, RN, Advantus Health Partners director of clinical transformation, supply chain. “We poked, prodded and vetted them. I wasn’t there in the hospital, and yet I could follow along. That was what was unique about it. It was truly hybrid.”

The collaboration between Medline and Advantus Health Partners spans many years of clinical efficiencies and improvement. A few years ago, the same clinical and supply chain teams met for a week-long clinical standardization summit resulting in $2.1 million in immediate savings, a 44% reduction in stock-keeping units (SKUs), and product standardization across 12 categories. Most recently, Advantus Health Partners announced a 10-year, $2.9 billion strategic partnership with Medline for medical supplies, clinical care solutions, and operational and logistics support.

Engaging clinicians with minimal disruption to care

Chris Wilson, Medline executive account manager, said the company “engaged clinicians during the demonstrations, allowing them to get their hands on the products with minimal disruption to those sites facing staffing and other challenges. It’s a testament to the partnership and collaboration between our organizations.”

Advantus Health virtual healthcare product fair

Clinicians were able to see and test product samples during the hybrid product fair

“It went well, and it was received well,” Krupin continued, adding that many new products were implemented earlier this year at the system’s hospitals and more than 1,200 care sites.

Boosting efficiencies through standardized products

“We anticipate cost savings, but most importantly, product standardization. It helps stabilize outcomes when everyone uses the same things the same way,” said Krupin. “Reducing variability in product selection improves patient care.”

The new products, reduced SKUs and suppliers, and streamlined processes have boosted efficiencies and supply chain resiliency.

“Medline is a great partner,” said Krupin. “We love working with you. You’re always so resourceful. You did pivot; it was right around the holidays and we appreciated everything done to make the best of the situation.”

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