Medline medical supply donations aid care throughout the world

By Medline Newsroom Staff | September 21, 2022

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Medline medical supply donations aid care throughout the world

Company partners with humanitarian organizations to serve more than 80 countries

Tree of Life

Half the world’s population lacks access to essential health services, according to the United Nations, due to poverty, war, discrimination, and in many instances, a lack of medical supplies and staff.

As part of its Community Impact initiative, Medline donates medical supplies to humanitarian organizations with the goal of reaching the people and places most in need. The organizations identify and deliver the products to clinics and communities around the world. Between 2018 and 2021, Medline donated nearly 1,000 metric tons of medical supplies, valued at approximately $13 million, to support healthcare in more than 80 countries.

Aiding communities most in need of supplies

Medline partner MAP International identified The Tree of Life Children’s Village as an organization that could benefit from Medline supplies, according to MAP International Project Manager Amie McClellan. Spanning over 130-acres, Tree of Life includes homes, a school, playground, working farm and the Hill Wellness Center. The Tree of Life is a transitional, full-time care facility in Lusaka, Zambia. Children at the Tree of Life may suffer from significant medical conditions, and their guardians may either be unable to provide necessary care or their home situation is unsuitable for the child to live and thrive.

“Often these products aid simple surgeries and preventative and maternal care that we take for granted here in the U.S.”

Jodi Allison, MAP International

Jodi Allison

MAP International Senior Vice President of Global Giving and Innovation

“COVID-19 hit their community extremely hard and the latest shipment containing Medline scrubs and other products allowed them to continue to assist in the fight against the virus,” said McClellan. “We hear it all the time from medical staffs; that the scrubs and other supplies are impactful, allowing them to do more life-saving procedures and to care for more patients.”

Medline has provided MAP International with $1.6 million in supplies over the past four years, including scrubs; urinary catheter kits; gauze pads, assorted bandages and tape; heparin and sodium chloride single-use syringes; disinfection wipes and products; and surgical gloves.

Helping to ensure the most basic care

“Often these products aid simple surgeries and preventative and maternal care that we take for granted here in the U.S.,” said Jodi Allison, MAP International senior vice president of global giving and innovation. “Cases of gloves are a favorite. Gloves, syringes and scrubs are gold in the developing world.”

1,000 metric tons

of medical supplies, valued at more than $13 million, have been donated since 2018 to organizations supporting healthcare in more than 80 countries.

Medline supplies have supported healthcare organizations operating in Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, Eastern Europe, the Middle East and North and South America – from Haiti and Liberia to Romania and the Philippines. In 2022 alone, Global Smile Foundation, providing dental and surgical treatment, along with feeding, nutrition, speech therapy and psychosocial support in underserved areas throughout the world, received a broad range of supplies, valued at more than $63,000.

“By donating our products, we extend and ensure the useful life of a particular product, and most importantly, help and positively impact the people and communities most in need,” said Karen Frey, Medline senior philanthropy manager. “With assistance from our experienced partners, we’re helping to promote and secure global health equity.”

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