CMS Report Highlights Need for Wound Care Education

By Medline Newsroom Staff | March 14, 2019

Physicians deemed that 59 percent of adverse events at nursing homes were preventable, according to a 2018 Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) harm-prevention report. Among the recommendations to prevent adverse events was this list of educational goals around skin and wound care:

Educate nurses on:

  • Pressure injury skin risk assessment and development of a care plan based on risk assessment
  • Assessment, staging, and documentation of pressure injuries
  • Topical treatment modalities for pressure injuries
  • Assessment and treatment of lower extremity ulcers (arterial, venous, and peripheral neuropathy/ diabetic)
  • Prevention of skin breakdown and pressure injuries

Skilled nursing facilities usually only have one would care specialist, which can present challenges when it comes to achieving education and training goals for the front line staff. With increasing emphasis on prevention of wounds and skin healthcare, many skilled nursing facilities are looking at other industry partners to fill in the gaps.

One of the most comprehensive approaches was launched by Medline early in 2019 and includes a Skin Health Solutions program for post-acute care providers as well as a dedicated health site,, with lessons, best practices and actionable education to help skin health professionals better educate their colleagues and improve wound care outcomes.

Medline’s Skin Health Solutions addresses the gap identified by CMS, and has three focus areas that make it easy for nurses to do the right thing:

  • Best practice guidance
  • Caregiver education
  • System of products

Skin-related adverse events like the ones highlighted in the CMS report are not only preventable, but also costly and painful. The tested strategies assembled by Medline help address gaps in education so skilled nursing facilities can follow CMS guidelines, while also helping improve care and lower costs.

For the latest skin and wound care education and best practices, check out the new skin health site.

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