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Medline’s Extensive Distribution Network Sparks Expanded Partnership With BioDerm

By Medline Newsroom Staff | August 28, 2018

Healthy skin is essential; it is the largest organ in the body in both surface area and weight. It also serves three critical functions as a protective shield against outside elements, regulator of body temperature and provider of sensory information. Yet, skin can be highly susceptible to breakdowns, wounds and infections.

Medline understands the importance of protecting skin and promoting healthy skin practices that enhance patient outcomes and experiences. With that, it now has an expanded distribution partnership with BioDerm®, Inc., giving Medline exclusive marketing and distribution rights to acute care facilities in the United States and its protectorates for these three innovative products:

  • CathGrip®: This universal securement device is made from proprietary hydrocolloid that is hypoallergenic and latex free, and the skin-friendly adhesive helps prevent skin tearing and irritation, while the patent-pending soft straps are designed to reduce pressure injuries.
  • Freederm™: Formulated to instantly remove hydrocolloid, tapes and bandages, FreeDerm is BioDerm’s trademark proprietary adhesive remover, and is available in spray or ampoule form.
  • BioPlus+™: The proprietary skin prep wipes provide a barrier film layer directly on the skin to improve the adhesion of hydrocolloids, appliances, tapes and bandages.

Medline also exclusively markets and distributes BioDerm’s Men’s Liberty Acute™, a male external catheter designed as a means of avoiding Foley catheter and condom catheter use by men within the appropriate patient diagnosis segment.

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