Press ReleasesMedline to release REFLEX® Nitinol Dynamic Disc System at ACFAS 2022 Annual Scientific Conference

Medline to release REFLEX® Nitinol Dynamic Disc System at ACFAS 2022 Annual Scientific Conference

New tech innovation enables robust fixation and stability while providing continuous compression and gap recovery to improve patient outcomes

By Medline Newsroom Staff | February 7, 2022

The Medline UNITE® Foot & Ankle Division announced today it will launch the REFLEX® Nitinol Dynamic Disc System at the American College of Foot & Ankle Surgeons (ACFAS) Annual Scientific Conference 2022 in Austin, Texas at booth #414. This new technology platform transforms a traditional lag screw into a dynamic construct that provides continuous compression and gap recovery.

“The REFLEX® Nitinol Dynamic Disc System is the latest addition to our rapidly growing product portfolio and fills a critical gap in the arsenal of surgeons who have adopted nitinol technology for internal fixation,” said Scott Goldstein, director of marketing, Medline UNITE. “Orthopedic implants created from shape memory alloys like nitinol offer clinically recognized strength, efficiency, ease of use, and continuous compression. The addition of the REFLEX Nitinol Dynamic Disc System enhances the compression of the overall construct to drive better patient outcomes.”

Nitinol staples are becoming a popular choice for orthopedic and podiatric surgeons due to their compressive properties. In practice, surgeons often rely on hybrid constructs that incorporate nitinol staples along with static plates and screws. As a result, the continuous compression provided by the staples may be neutralized by the addition of these static devices.

To overcome this disadvantage, the REFLEX Nitinol Dynamic Disc System harnesses nitinol’s superelastic and shape memory properties to dynamize an otherwise traditional lag screw. An in vitro study performed by the company demonstrated continuous compression and gap recovery up to 4.0 mm.

“The REFLEX Dynamic Disc allows me as a surgeon to transform an otherwise traditional lag screw into a continuously compressive construct that can address bone resorption occurring during the post-operative healing phase,” said Dr. J. Kent Ellington, MD of Charlotte, NC.

The REFLEX Nitinol Dynamic Disc System is cleared for use with UNITE® Titanium Cannulated Screws and is available in Ø4.0mm, Ø4.5mm, Ø5.5mm, and Ø7.0mm sizes. After guidewire placement, measurement, and drilling, a specially designed countersink creates a pocket in the bone’s cortex to accommodate the disc. The disc is placed over the screw’s shaft and, upon final seating and tightening, the screw’s head deforms the dynamic disc. The disc is mechanically engineered to resist deformation, and the effect leads to continuous compression between two bone fragments.

Medline UNITE continues to develop and launch innovative solutions for foot and ankle trauma and reconstruction with numerous product launches scheduled throughout 2022. Learn more about the Medline UNITE REFLEX Nitinol Dynamic Disc System and other innovations at ACFAS 2022 Annual Scientific Conference at booth #414, or visit

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