Press ReleasesMedline Brings Innovative Suite of Therapy and Rehabilitation Equipment to Market through Exclusive NeuroGym Line

Medline Brings Innovative Suite of Therapy and Rehabilitation Equipment to Market through Exclusive NeuroGym Line

Right level of technology aimed at empowering patients, residents and staff

By Medline Newsroom Staff | April 10, 2017

The therapy and rehabilitation sector is undergoing massive change, from payment reform challenges to a greater focus on quality measures, safety and mobility. To help provide therapists with a cost-effective, high quality treatment intervention, leading medical supplier Medline is expanding its therapy and rehabilitation portfolio in the U.S. to now include the exclusive NeuroGym line.

Residents and patients themselves, not the equipment, initiate the movement within NeuroGym products. This active participation helps rewire the brain, increasing recovery speed. In addition, the products make it possible for therapists to work with patients who were previously viewed as falling outside the traditional therapy spectrum.

“Today’s healthcare leaders are under pressure to deliver quality, demonstrate improved outcomes and bring down expenses,” says Brian Garner, director of sales, therapy and rehab division, Medline. “The NeuroGym products can be a true differentiator for facilities as the equipment is specifically designed to increase productivity. This means therapists can not only get patients moving in a safe environment but sustain that progress to ultimately improve their quality of life.”

Therapy Strategy Reimagined

For Cadia Healthcare in Delaware, rehabilitation staff is always looking for the latest therapeutic technologies to complement care strategies. Five locations started using NeuroGym equipment last fall. Already, staff observed how this innovative platform helped patients re-learn skills like standing up, and walking and turning around without losing balance. One director says it’s also making a notable impact on empowerment.

“Incontinence is a common concern among long-term care patients. By using a device called the Sit-to-Stand Trainer, we’ve started to notice something truly amazing – it’s becoming easier and quicker for staff to now transfer patients to the toilet when they need to go because the device enables people to actively initiate the motion of standing up.” says Suzanne Reid, director of rehabilitation services, Cadia Healthcare. “Now, more than ever, new approaches to rehab and therapy are needed to help facilities successfully deliver high quality care and outcomes. Medline is providing a completely new way of approaching therapy and care.”

Deep Solution Set

This exclusive line includes six products ranging from lightweight, mobile equipment like the Pendulum Stepper that focuses on basic exercise and mobility movements to specialty products such as the NeuroGym TimTrainer designed to improve motor control and coordination. Among the most popular products in the line are:

  • The Sit-to-Stand Trainer uses a counter-weight mechanism to provide graduated support of the standing and sitting motion. Unlike other tools that passively lift people to, or maintain them in, a standing position, the Sit-to-Stand Trainer enables an individual to actively initiate the motion of standing up, even with weakened or seemingly unsuccessful efforts. The equipment significantly improves transfers and improves client rehabilitation without physical strain to the therapist.
  • The Bungee Mobility Trainer is a versatile graduated body weight support system that helps residents and patients regain the ability to walk and safely improve the dynamic balance skills necessary for falls prevention. Comparable to a pool environment in terms of support, the Bungee Mobility Trainer allows graduated weight-bearing while normal protective reactions such as side-stepping are re-developed. Designed to fit through a standard doorway, it is used in a variety of clinical settings.
    “We’ve had the privilege of witnessing a patient dance with his wife for the first time after being reliant on a wheelchair for nearly two decades. In the Midwest, a patient who took no more than four aided steps in two years took 40 steps in their first session using the Bungee Mobility Trainer,” says Garner. “These are moments you never forget and that’s why Medline is proud to bring these solutions to therapists to help more patients and residents regain their independence through improved mobility.”

Learn more about NeuroGym products exclusively available through Medline at

About Medline

Medline is a global manufacturer and distributor serving the healthcare industry with medical supplies and clinical solutions that help customers achieve both clinical and financial success. Headquartered in Northfield, Ill., the company offers 350,000+ medical devices and support services through more than 1,200 direct sales representatives who are dedicated points of contact for customers across the continuum of care.  For more information on Medline, go to or to connect with Medline on its social media channels.

About Cadia Healthcare

Cadia Healthcare has provided award winning short-term rehabilitation, skilled nursing and long-term care services to the residents of Delaware and neighboring Maryland and Pennsylvania communities for over 20 years. Cadia Healthcare is Delaware’s largest inpatient rehabilitation and skilled nursing provider, operating five facilities with nearly 1,000 in-patient beds.  Cadia’s on-site rehabilitation gyms are equipped with the latest cardio equipment and therapy modalities, and are among the largest gyms in the region. Cadia Healthcare offers in-patient therapy services at all five Delaware locations and currently provides out-patient services at all Cadia facilities to who those who were previously receiving in-patient care to provide continuity of services. Learn more at


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