Press Releases40+ Health Systems Begin New Partnerships with Medline in 2020

40+ Health Systems Begin New Partnerships with Medline in 2020

Company flexes infrastructure, collaborates even more transparently with provider partners to drive impact during pandemic

By Medline Newsroom Staff | November 30, 2020

Medline today announced it is on track to complete prime vendor implementations worth over $1 billion in supplies sales at more than 40 health systems since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic in March. This comes on top of $2.5 billion in new partnerships implemented in 2018 and 2019.

Teams across all levels of the organization worked side-by-side with health systems representing 32 states – in a hybrid model, both in person and virtually – to make the transition to Medline seamless, accurate and timely. Among them, systems included Yale New Haven Health in Connecticut, UNC Health in North Carolina, Texas Children’s Hospital and the University of Texas System Supply Chain Alliance, which supports UT Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas, UT MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston and UT Medical Branch in Galveston.

“This pandemic is relentless and redefining normal as we know it,” said Doug Golwas, executive vice president, acute care, Medline. “To ensure we help meet the service improvements and much needed cost savings our customers expect from us, Medline continues to modify its approach to ensure we can effectively adapt for and with system partners when it comes to our team, infrastructure, MedTrans fleet, strategic inventory and technology. I am extremely proud of the collaboration and execution between Medline and our partners during this critical time.”

Persistence and process

Implementation already poses its own level of anxiety for systems when switching suppliers. In the midst of a global pandemic, senior decision makers at organizations not typically part of the process are now involved to ensure continuity. Medline teams say the process did not change but communication and accountability increased significantly. As the heightened situation forced many customers to express concerns much earlier, this challenged implementation teams to find new ways to work through process while still tailoring solutions to ease system-specific fears.

“Facilities didn’t always want to hear the news we had to deliver but appreciated our transparency,” said Dave Kordik, senior director of sales administration, Medline. “Many customers tell us previous relationships have felt more transactional. Pandemic or not, we want to do whatever it takes to begin each journey as strategic business partners.”

Impacting operational and financial health

Medline plays a vital role in ensuring essential products can get to clinicians and those in their care when they need it most. The company flexed its infrastructure during the pandemic to meet new and critical supply chain demands so it could:

    • Continue full operations since the beginning of COVID-19, with more than 10,000 employees in its domestic manufacturing and warehouse facilities
    • Increase hand sanitizer production capacity after redeploying manufacturing capabilities in Wisconsin and Connecticut to produce 400,000 bottles and 4 million gel-based packets weekly
    • Increase overall global production capacity for PPE products
    • Expand domestic manufacturing to now include face masks
    • Deliver nationwide at full capacity with more than 1,000 MedTrans trucks deployed daily

“At a time of great uncertainty, more and more healthcare leaders are concerned about leaving themselves exposed to vulnerabilities,” said Golwas. “The healthcare landscape is dramatically changing and the value of a company like Medline extends far beyond basic distribution. We are working side-by-side with our provider partners to enhance supply chain strategy, resilience and outcomes.”

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