Unlock Greater Supply Chain Savings by Approaching Physician Preference Items in Innovative Ways

By Medline Newsroom Staff | January 23, 2019

In an evolving and dynamic industry, health care systems are continually striving to find savings in their existing supply chain, while also adding new innovative tools that can enhance patient care and improve patient outcomes.

These tools are often referred to as physician preference items (PPIs), and adding them to an organizations existing mix of tools and products is more complicated than meets the eye. In a recent news article titled “Here’s a big supply chain cost-savings opportunity: physician preference items,” by Healthcare Finance News, standardizing the acquisition of PPIs can be crucial to supply-chain efficiency and achieving cost savings. The top three ways health systems are able to innovate their approach to physician preference items include:

Be diligent and adaptable – Organizations must be diligent in their efforts to identify items of need and adaptable in selecting items to acquire. Not all new items are necessary or improve patient outcomes.

Collaborate across the organization – Engaging decision makers throughout the organization through cross functional teams enables organizations to ensure they are selecting items that have an impact and make sense for the care teams using them.

Engage vendors as partners – Engaging vendors with extensive capabilities and the ability to customize products before they are produced can make a difference in finding the right fit and making it work.

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Medline Newsroom Staff

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