Medline Institute launches free On-Demand patient experience learning series

Real scenarios from COVID-19 care fuel lasting, practical advice

By Medline Newsroom Staff | February 26, 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic put an unusual strain on healthcare providers, challenging them to exert all time and effort on doing anything they could to get through. Each individual health system, nursing home and hospital, was learning as they developed procedures and protocols for care and patient experience.

What if we could share these nuggets of valuable lessons with hospital administrators and clinical leaders across the nation?

When Lisa Petrilli, head of the Medline Institute and Institute On-Demand, heard one of its faculty members share the story of what the Northwell Health team learned on the front line while battling COVID-19 in New York City, a light bulb came on in her head.

“In 2020, the pandemic compelled us to move our sessions to virtual learning so we were already putting the pieces together to launch something like the Medline Institute On-Demand,” said Petrilli. “It made perfect sense to start the series with a course addressing the pandemic head on with best practices and important takeaways for hospitals to be able to implement immediately.”

Connecting communication with technology to improve the patient experience

That faculty member was Joe Leggio. As part of his role as vice president and associate executive director of experience services for the system’s Manhattan region, he knows firsthand how the patient experience teams were challenged in new ways being in the center of the pandemic.

“Everything I share in the video tutorials are things, like many of us, we didn’t plan on doing but we figured out along the way,” said Leggio. “From the very beginning we saw a tremendous communication gap given this new landscape. We needed to truly identify the right process to make sure families were able to have the most updated information and to be clearly in communication with our front-line team.”

The free course titled, Innovations for Improving Patient Experience Amidst a Pandemic, focuses on four strategies:

  1. Innovative Use of Team Members
  2. Innovative Use of Technology
  3. Innovative Approach to Discharge Phone Calls
  4. Innovative Approach to Managing Visitation

Through the course, participants can learn how to bridge the communication gap between patients, their healthcare staff and families unable to visit their loved ones via technology. The series also covers best practices in discharge phone calls and how to manage visitations.

More Courses to Come

Medline Institute On-Demand courses continue to be added with new topics such as “Be the Leader Nobody Wants to Leave: 8 Transformational Skill Builders for Busy Leaders,” and “Best Practices with Par Optimization.”

The courses are taught by top leaders in the healthcare continuum and are available to the public at no charge.

Learn more about the Medline Institute On-Demand by visiting, Medline Institute On-Demand.

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