Addressing the Global Risk of Pathogens at the UN

Why global experts are convening to urgently align strategy.

By Medline Newsroom Staff | September 24, 2019

In 2018, the US Department of Health and Human Services and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) launched the yearlong Antimicrobial Resistant (AMR) Challenge at a meeting of the United Nations General Assembly in New York. Medline pledged support to this global call to action, aimed at addressing the growing worldwide risk of AMR pathogens.

As part of the AMR Challenge, Medline is committed to raising awareness of antibiotic resistance and combating emerging pathogens by supporting research and development aimed at reducing the spread of resistant pathogens.

The Newsroom recently sat down with Rosie D. Lyles, MD, director of clinical affairs at Medline, ahead of her trip to the United Nations this month to deliver Medline’s AMR commitment statement and connect with other infection prevention experts from around the world.

How did you first become interested in infection prevention?

“As a physician and clinical researcher at Cook County Hospital, my firsthand knowledge of emerging pathogens affecting Chicago communities ignited my passion to prevent AMR infections. With patients frequently transitioning between acute and post-acute care facilities, the need for consistent infection control remains the same.”

What is behind the push for alignment and education around infection prevention?

“Effective infection control protocols require that all stakeholders are aligned to optimal standards. It’s vital to educate not only patients and family members but also the entire healthcare team, including administrators, healthcare providers and environmental services personnel.”

What’s the drawback of focusing on individual prevention strategies?

“Strategies to eliminate pathogens in the healthcare environment are only effective in concert. Bundling infection control interventions, such as hand hygiene, decolonization, wearing a gown and gloves, appropriate antibiotic stewardship and cleaning and disinfecting the environment, provides a seamless safety net for patients and healthcare staff.”

What can non-experts focus on to help prevent the spread of pathogens?

“Each year, we face emerging pathogens that test the limits of our current antibiotics and infection control strategies. However, the basic principles remain unchanged. The rules we learned as children still apply: proper hand hygiene, a clean and disinfected environment, and appropriate vaccinations are at the foundation of best practices.”

How is Medline contributing?

“Through investments in research and development, investigative clinical studies and our comprehensive ERASE program that is helping our clients standardize infection control protocols, Medline stands shoulder to shoulder with providers on the front line of the AMR battle. Drawing on my clinical perspective, I’m privileged to be a voice at the table.”

Learn more about how Medline is helping care settings prevent infection and promote safety.

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