2019 Trend: Urgent Need for Urgent Care

By Medline Newsroom Staff | February 1, 2019

It’s not every day you see a stat like the one at the center a recent JAMA article , which found the utilization of non-emergency department acute care venues, including urgent care clinics, rose by 140% between 2008 and 2015. Changes to insurance models have raised the price of going to the emergency room. Insurance plans are increasingly designed to encourage disease prevention, not last-minute emergency room care. As a result, while the number of emergency room visits over the last eight years has stayed the same, a recent analysis found the cost of that care has nearly doubled.


“As I travel across the country, I’m seeing more urgent care clinics pop up while regional hospitals are shutting down. For patients in rural areas, an urgent care is the closest facility they can get to for immediate treatment,” said Jordan Zelhart . For nearly three years, Zelhart has been partnering with physician’s offices to help deliver quality products at a great value. Now Zelhart will put his focus in the urgent care market as the new Director of Sales for Urgent Care at Medline.


In a recent three-year span, 400 to 500 new urgent care clinics opened each year, according to a report that also found millennials and younger Gen Xers are choosing urgent care clinics due to their accessibility and convenience. Urgent care clinics need to be ready to deliver exceptional and efficient care, as patients entering their facilities expect a swift diagnosis and treatment. Medline is partnering with urgent care clinics to help streamline processes and drive efficiency through logistics and operations.


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