Medline takes #1 in anesthesia market

Innovative Portfolio and Unique Custom Kitting Capabilities Propel Growth

By Medline Newsroom Staff | September 19, 2019

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Medline takes #1 in anesthesia market

Innovative portfolio and unique custom kitting capabilities propel growth

Medline is #1 in anesthesia market

In an otherwise flat general anesthesia market, Medline recently catapulted to market leader status in general anesthesia. The company captured the lead position at a time when many general anesthesia offerings have become commoditized.

“The remarkable growth of our anesthesia business can be attributed to Medline’s vertical integration, distribution capabilities and commitment to service,” says Tim Finnigan, President of Medline’s Anesthesia Division. “As healthcare organizations face mounting pressure to find new efficiencies, we are working hand in hand with our partners to enable them to overcome these challenges so they can focus on their number one priority: patient care.”

Standardized kits drive growth

One of the key drivers of growth is the company’s standardized kits, tailored specifically to the needs of anesthesiologists. When hospitals worked with Medline in a series of case studies to consolidate their supplies into standardized kits, procedure setup time fell by an average of 54% and workers saved more than 800 hours of supply picking time annually.

“We want to give anesthesiologists the power of choice and ensure each procedure is accompanied by the specific tools they desire to provide the best possible care,” said Rich LeVeque, Director of General Anesthesia at Medline.  “Medline’s Customizable Anesthesia Kits not only let the physicians select their tools, they reduce room turnover time and touchpoints while also assisting end-users in reducing waste.”

“The remarkable growth of our anesthesia business can be attributed to Medline’s vertical integration, distribution capabilities and commitment to service.”

Tim Finnigan

President, Medline Anesthesia Division

Medline also delivers a broad suite of anesthesia solutions to the market, all aimed at helping healthcare providers reduce waste and variability, lower cost, and increase patient satisfaction.

The company is on pace to expand its position in the market by adding new innovative offerings, including regional anesthesia and pain management kits as well as a new FDA-approved reinforced epidural catheter which delivers anesthetics into the epidural space. Medline has also built a new interactive tool in response to the high demand for customization. The tool enables existing and prospective customers to build and submit their own customized anesthesia circuits and design custom regional anesthesia kits to fit their facility’s needs.

“We believe we will continue to have a strong impact on the market through these types of new and innovative solutions as well as through new partnerships,” Finnigan said.

Learn more about how Medline is helping healthcare providers improve patient care through new innovative offerings.

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