Namic – the industry’s leading portfolio of cath lab and IR department solutions — celebrates 5 years with Medline

Namic – the industry’s leading portfolio of cath lab and IR department solutions — celebrates 5 years with Medline

By Medline Newsroom Staff | June 4, 2024

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Namic – the industry’s leading portfolio of cath lab and IR department solutions — celebrates 5 years with Medline

Successful first years speak to brand strength, Medline reach and distribution

Five years ago, Medline acquired Namic- a global leader in cardiac catheterization and fluid management solutions.

The 2019 acquisition brought the Namic brand and its extensive offering of manifolds, contrast management systems, fluid management systems, guidewires, disposable transducers, and interventional accessories under Medline’s roof.  Namic’s manufacturing facility in Glens Falls, New York, and related manufacturing jobs as well as the sales and marketing teams that support the NAMIC business were all part of this transaction.

“Namic has been an innovator and leader in the cath lab space for more than 50 years by offering high quality products and a deep understanding of what cath labs need,” said Amanda Morgan, senior vice president, national field sales of acute care at Medline. “Bringing together Namic’s expertise and Medline’s market leadership in multiple procedural areas, distribution network and formidable salesforce has yielded real benefits to providers, their team members and their patients.”

Medline has significantly invested in the facility, people and processes supporting the Namic portfolio and the 189,000-sq.ft. Glens Falls location since the acquisition.  For example, Medline has doubled the Namic sales team to prioritize customer service and expand access to the Namic portfolio to alternate settings like surgery centers and physician offices.  Medline also plans to expand the current list of 50 countries in which Namic products are sold.

“Medline goes all in,” said Morgan. “If there’s an area where we believe there’s opportunity to either help customers or become a stronger partner, we invest.  Part of our strategy with Namic was not only to become a stronger, more relevant player in the cath lab space, but also to add value for customers by offering the most advanced, most comprehensive product portfolio.”


New Namic products, extensions and enhancements launched over the last 5 years include innovations in mini access, guidewires, inflation devices and hemostasis patches.  Medline has additional solutions for the access and interventional parts of cath lab procedures on Namic’s product roadmap as well.

“Namic and Medline are a great fit,” said Yogesh Wadhera, Namic general manager at Medline, “Physicians and technicians know Namic for high-quality and consistency.  At the same time, availability of Namic products via Medline global distribution networks has significantly increased its reach, which has been good news for providers and their patients.”

Medline marked its 5-year anniversary with Namic during a team celebration held at the Glens Falls facility.   Namic was founded as North American Medical Instruments Corp in 1969, and Namic products have been manufactured at its Glens Falls facility since 1984.  Glens Falls produces more than 2.5 million life-saving products every year. During a recent survey amongst its peers, this site was named as best place to work in the region.

“The future of Namic is bright,” said Wadhera, “Namic had phenomenal growth in the first five years since joining Medline and we expect that growth to continue through new markets, new product expansions, and additional global reach.”

To learn more about how Namic solutions help optimize the clinical and financial performance of your cath lab and interventional radiology department, visit  Cardiac and Peripheral Fluid Management – Medline Namic

Or, take a virtual tour of our Namic fluid management manufacturing site located in Glens Falls, New York here.

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