Medline and BandGrip Join Forces to Extend Reach of Surgical Wound Closure Innovation

Distribution partnership to focus on enhancing the post-operative patient experience

By Medline Newsroom Staff | April 27, 2020

BandGrip has formed an exclusive distribution partnership with Medline to expand market reach of the company’s unique patented micro-anchor skin closure technology.

Orthopedic surgeons are expected to perform more than 6.6 million procedures in 2020. With one in seven Americans reporting an orthopedic impairment, surgeons are looking at ways to reduce closure time and improve ambulation. BandGrip is a 3.5”x1.5” bandage that offers a non-invasive method of wound closure without the use of needles or staples. Simple and intuitive, a wide range of healthcare professionals can apply the bandage without the involvement of the orthopedic surgeon. BandGrip uses non-invasive micro-anchors that grip the skin gently and securely to pull wound edges together, and reduce wound closure time by more than 30%.

“Medline always is looking for the next innovation of patient-centered solutions, and BandGrip’s unique patented micro-anchor skin closure technology is faster for surgeons to apply than traditional sutures,” said Hillary Epperson, senior product manager of Advanced Skin & Wound Care for Medline. “We especially appreciate that BandGrip reduces the likelihood of additional scarring for patients with longer incisions, compared to traditional closure methods like sutures and staples.”

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