Johns Hopkins Medicine Streamlines Cost and Efficiency

Prime vendor relationship with Medline to fuel non-clinical cost savings

By Medline Newsroom Staff | August 13, 2018

Behind labor, medical supplies are the second biggest cost for a health system. So when an organization can find ways to significantly cut costs while driving efficiency across product and practice, consumers win.

This scenario is now unfolding at Johns Hopkins Medicine (JHM), one of the driving forces in U.S. medical education, research and clinical care excellence, after awarding a five-year prime vendor distribution agreement to Medline.

In the first four months of the collaboration, Medline completed a seamless conversion that ensured all ordering, delivery, billing and technology systems were ready to support product flow through Medline’s distribution network. This spring, Medline helped transfer stock to Johns Hopkins’ new Centralized Service Center in Baltimore which currently delivers to two hospitals with plans to bring three more facilities online. In addition, Medline has already identified more than 10 categories where streamlining products like exam gloves, incontinence, oral care and minor procedure trays would create immediate cost efficiencies.

The strategic agreement with Medline spans 16 acute/post-operative facilities in Maryland, the District of Columbia, and St. Petersburg, Florida. Medline expects this collaboration to help Johns Hopkins manage non-clinical costs by aligning with its supply chain management organization, Nobilant, to standardize products and processes.

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