Hitting the Right Notes to Create New Healthcare Solutions

By Medline Newsroom Staff | December 19, 2018

Guitar in hand, music vibrates through the room and through his soul. While he lives in Dallas, Texas, John Kenny, isn’t strumming to country music. It’s rock. It’s got an edge. The vice president of sales for Medline’s physician office corporate accounts believes it’s this love of music that gives him an edge in his professional life.

Repertoire Magazine recently featured Kenny’s musical hobby of participating in cover bands. “While some choose to play golf, I choose to pick up a guitar in what little free time I do have, and I especially love partnering with others who make music,” said Kenny.

John Kenny, Medline

John Kenny, VP of Corporate Sales for Physician Office, Medline, poses with his band following performance.

The passion for partnership, like his creativity, extends into his work.

“I’m most happy at my job when I get to be creative,” said Kenny. “My role is to sit with customers in healthcare at a high level and create the right solution for them and almost every time it’s different. There’s no cutting and pasting.”

In offering solutions, Kenny said he and his team have to adapt the Medline model to make sure it enhances the care the provider offers to the patient. Kenny believes working for a company as flexible as Medline is with its manufacturing, distribution and logistics allows him to think outside the box and execute on these ideas.

Kenny says one example is when he helped develop a program for a group of different physician offices that allowed them to pull their resources together and aggregate their purchases.

“It’s like a band. One instrument is great. Combine the guitar with drums, a bass and a saxophone and you’ve got something special. That’s what we’ve done at Medline for our customers. We’ve brought them together so they can stay independent and profitable.”

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