June 19 Webinar: Strategies to Drive Culture Change Under PDPM

By Medline Newsroom Staff | June 14, 2019

PDPM is not the first regulatory change for post-acute care providers, but is one of the most momentous. The changes it brings can impact an organization’s culture significantly, including staff morale and how they deliver care to patients. To manage these effects, inspirational leadership is needed more than ever.

Great leadership can help create a positive work environment, which research shows is key to having a strong company culture. However, leaders are not always provided with the training they need to drive change within their organization.

On June 19, Medline is hosting a webinar on leadership development in partnership with Health Dimensions Group, a leading consulting and management company for post-acute, long-term care, and senior living, and LindaShell.com, a group of nationally recognized experts in leadership and team development. The webinar will offer valuable tips for finding success before, during and after PDPM. Attendees will gain insight on how PDPM is driving cultural shifts and key steps for being proactive in managing conflicts.

“PDPM is one of many updates to the industry’s payment model and it is a great opportunity for leaders to manage change and motivate their staff so they are successful under every subsequent change to regulations. Often times, we find that one of their biggest challenges is the lack of resources to drive a positive company culture during such a challenging time,” says webinar presenter Erin Hennessey, CEO of Health Dimensions Group. With more than a decade experience with the company, Hennessey has served in several leadership positions in the areas of operations, business development and consulting. She also holds a Professional Gerontologist Certification and is a Licensed Nursing Home Administrator in the state of Minnesota.

Co-presenter Linda Shell has 30-plus years of experience in aging services, is the co-founder and Chief Learning Officer for LindaShell.com, and also the author of the proprietary evidence based SurTHRIVELeadership™ education series.

“Leaders must take into consideration that people aren’t inspired by a regulatory change. They get excited about making things better for seniors they serve and improving outcomes. Leaders will need to communicate the change in context of how it will help improve quality at their organization. The webinar will provide effective strategies leaders can use to engage their team members,” says Shell.

Navigating cultural change will be one of the discussion topics for the upcoming webinar, titled “PDPM: Guiding Change, Managing Conflict and Strengthening Culture.” As a sneak peak, here are three ways leaders can manage a work culture undergoing change.

1.      Casting a vision for change – Think about how the change fits with the vision and mission of the organization. Resilient leaders learn to rise above the daily challenges and cast a vision for a brighter future. Leaders who are visionaries are able to inspire and motivate their followers to engage in the work and live out their passion for care.

2.      Make sure staff have the right skills and resources – Continuous education is essential for developing skills. Leaders should meet with their teams regularly to ensure everyone is up-to-date on imperative information and how their role supports the changes within the organization.

3.      Write down an action plan – To ensure everyone is aligned and kept on course, leaders should write an action plan and make it accessible for everyone to review.

It is easy for a leader to delegate and tell their staff that they need to learn about regulatory changes, but leaders must also be competent. They must clearly understand the changes themselves and all the tactical pieces that need to happen. They should attend any and all workshops alongside their team. The more they understand now, the easier it will be to navigate future changes.

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