Webinar Recap: Adult Learning Principles

Learning approaches for educating caregivers of falls prevention and safety

By Medline Newsroom Staff | June 16, 2020

Falls undoubtedly are serious patient safety events that may cause permanent, temporary, or severe harm, which every healthcare provider seeks to avoid. The Joint Commission found that out of 801 reported sentinel events, 111 were falls. Based on these findings, The Joint Commission has declared falls a patient safety initiative for 2020.

One of the key components to preventing these types of events and creating a culture of safety is to arm frontline caregivers with the knowledge, education and resources to sustain change. Yet adults are capable of learning in all different ways, and the style in which they are educated can have affect how they process, internalize and apply knowledge in practice.

Medline hosted an webinar on Adult Learning Principles June 23 and June 25 to examine education’s role in the healthcare setting. The webinar was led by Medline Clinical Resource Manager Christine Ninchich, who previously worked in safety and quality at Lurie’s Children’s Hospital.

Adult Learning Principles from Medline on Vimeo.

Among other things, the webinar explores:

  • Different learning approaches
  • What makes learning effective
  • What it means to be a good teacher

One focus of the webinar was the theories that govern learning behaviors and the three common learning styles adults use:

  • Psychomotor learning, which is demonstrated by actions such as motor skills and physical skills like coordination, ability, and speed
  • Affective learning, which taps into feelings, perceptions and other internal factors
  • Cognitive learning, which focuses on guiding students in building connections

“This webinar will help you reflect on your own style of learning, but also ways to apply these concepts in practice,” Ninchich said.

Watch video to see the recap.

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